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Colourpop Single Eyeshadow Review

March 17, 2017

I have been seeing so many blog posts and Instagram pictures on these Colourpop single eyeshadows and I just knew I had to get my hands on some to review. For $5 each these shadows are amazing. What I loved is when you buy 4 eyeshadows you get a free palette to depot them into. Which is also very good quality.

Colourpop is a company that is based in America. There aim is to create cruelty free products but at a good price. They have a whole range of products on there websites from lipsticks to highlighters to eyeshadows and they have recently introduced single eyeshadows to there range.

So let's get into the review.
These eyeshadows are one of the best pigmented and blend-able shadows I have tried. I was a bit sceptical at start as I wasn't fully impressed with the eyeshadows in the white pots. I found the pigment wasn't the best and you had to swirl your brush in the pot an awful lot to get a distinctive colour. But these single shadows are something different. First of all the colour variety is very good, there's near enough every shade you could ever need in the collection.

These shades are very blend-able and blend into your eyes so effortless. I find I don't need to go in with my blending brush much as my regular brush does all the work for me. These eye-shadows are also super pigmented you do not need much product at all to get a distinctive colour. One swipe in the pan and you are sorted. I was so impressed as for how cheap these are they do a very good job. I have brought Mac single eyeshadows in the past and was so let down with the pigment; in my opinion these Colourpop shadows are far better and are a fraction of the price.

As you can see with the swatches below, the shades I went with are very warm, pinky shades which is what I use most. I also only swatched my finger once in the pan and the pigment clearly shows up. One thing I will say though these shadows are quite chalky and you do get a bit of fall out but if you are like me and do your eyeshadow before your base then you know you can easily wipe any fallout on your face away. So if you don't mind that then you will love these eyeshadows.

From Left to Right - Let me explain, Say I do, Dreamboat, Top notch.

I am so impressed with these eyeshadows and can't wait to purchase more. If you are interested in buying some then I will link Colourpop's website here.

If you do test these for yourself, then let me know your thoughts on them. I am very interested in knowing!

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