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Five Products I have fell back in love with

March 21, 2017

After having a clear out through my makeup collection; I realised how used I had got myself in a routine of using the same products. So my aim for March was to go though weekly, fill a makeup bag of products I need to use more. And today I am coming at you with the products that I have fell back in love with.

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Lace Detail
For some reason I never batted two eyes at these liquid lipsticks. I used it once and just ignored it; but having used them again I can say these are my favourite formula of liquid lipstick. They are none drying and feel so comfy for long periods of time. The pigmentation is amazing and the colour lasts even if you are eating or drinking. I will definitely be getting more of these lipsticks.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel
This is another product in which I had used once and never tried again, but with that pricey price tag I actually annoyed myself that I didn't give it more of a chance. I'm going to keep this review short but sweet as I could sit and talk about this bronzer all day. This bronzer is just amazing! It makes you look so healthy and natural but gives you a glow like you've sat in the sun all day. I would recommend this to anymore; also it is a cream product meaning it is so easy to work with.

Colourpop Highlighter in Wisp
Highlighter is one of my favourite products to try and I also am very picky with it. This highlighter is so lovely and natural. It isn't fully pigmented but looks beautiful if you are going for more of a natural look. This is the highlighter I usually go with for work or if I am not wearing much makeup. One thing I love with this product is the texture it is similar to the eyeshadows on how the product is very bouncy (which is fun to poke at).

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
I do love a good primer, they make a massive difference to your makeup; making it look flawless and more airbrushed especially if use a beauty blender aswell. That has been my new trick for my base. I have always loved the Laura Mercier primer but lately I have forgotten about using it. I used it the other day and I just sat and stared at my foundation, it looked so flawless and lasted all day long. Ever since I haven't touched another primer.

Eyeko Brow Gel
We all know my love for this product but if you didn't know, lately I have forgotten all about it (I know, what a shock.) I grabbed for it the other day and my love just came back. I haven't used an eyebrow gel that lasts as well as this one does. It holds your hairs in place all day and doesn't budge one bit. This is also only the tester size and it has lasted me so long. You get a lot of product within.

What products have you lot fell back in love with lately? Comment below and let me know!

Colourpop Single Eyeshadow Review

March 17, 2017

I have been seeing so many blog posts and Instagram pictures on these Colourpop single eyeshadows and I just knew I had to get my hands on some to review. For $5 each these shadows are amazing. What I loved is when you buy 4 eyeshadows you get a free palette to depot them into. Which is also very good quality.

Colourpop is a company that is based in America. There aim is to create cruelty free products but at a good price. They have a whole range of products on there websites from lipsticks to highlighters to eyeshadows and they have recently introduced single eyeshadows to there range.

So let's get into the review.
These eyeshadows are one of the best pigmented and blend-able shadows I have tried. I was a bit sceptical at start as I wasn't fully impressed with the eyeshadows in the white pots. I found the pigment wasn't the best and you had to swirl your brush in the pot an awful lot to get a distinctive colour. But these single shadows are something different. First of all the colour variety is very good, there's near enough every shade you could ever need in the collection.

These shades are very blend-able and blend into your eyes so effortless. I find I don't need to go in with my blending brush much as my regular brush does all the work for me. These eye-shadows are also super pigmented you do not need much product at all to get a distinctive colour. One swipe in the pan and you are sorted. I was so impressed as for how cheap these are they do a very good job. I have brought Mac single eyeshadows in the past and was so let down with the pigment; in my opinion these Colourpop shadows are far better and are a fraction of the price.

As you can see with the swatches below, the shades I went with are very warm, pinky shades which is what I use most. I also only swatched my finger once in the pan and the pigment clearly shows up. One thing I will say though these shadows are quite chalky and you do get a bit of fall out but if you are like me and do your eyeshadow before your base then you know you can easily wipe any fallout on your face away. So if you don't mind that then you will love these eyeshadows.

From Left to Right - Let me explain, Say I do, Dreamboat, Top notch.

I am so impressed with these eyeshadows and can't wait to purchase more. If you are interested in buying some then I will link Colourpop's website here.

If you do test these for yourself, then let me know your thoughts on them. I am very interested in knowing!

Stripes and Bell Sleeves

March 15, 2017

I am a lover on simple outfits but adding a little bit of a pop. For this outfit the pop is the top that I am wearing from Topshop. It's a lovely black and white stripe print but the sleeves are bell sleeve. Which works perfectly for this season, as bell sleeves are a go to item this up-coming Spring. I adore this trend and think it adds such a feminine element to an outfit.

I paired this top with some plain black jeans, to give is a more casual look but this top is a multi use one that you can either dress up or down. I paired my Asos western style belt with the jeans to add a little more dimension to the outfit. To accessorise the outfit I put some small hoop earrings from Asos that I have been loving to spice up an outfit look. To finish it off I paired some flat loafers which are comfortable and makes the outfit effortless.

Shop the post

Top - Topshop

Jeans - Topshop

Belt - Asos

Shoes - Primark

Earings - Asos

Mother's Day Gift Guide

March 13, 2017

My mom is my best friend, so when it comes to mother's day; I like to get her a present with meaning and something that she will love. But for some people buying presents doesn't come easy, so I thought doing this gift guide may help some people out on what to buy for there mom or a guardian. I am lucky that I am quite good at buying presents, but I don't usually buy the usual stuff that comes out every year, like teddy bears or plaques with a cute quote on. This is mainly because my mom wouldn't personally like that herself but if yours does then that would be a great start on what to get her. My aim for this guide was to include both high and low price items, so there is a budget for everyone. So, Let's begin?

If your mom is into her beauty products then this is the section for you. My mom is a massive lipstick fan so why not treat them to a YSL lipstick. These are beautiful and moisturising. They will also last them a very long time. Another great present can be either a cute makeup bag or some eyelash curlers. I got some rose gold ones from Primark and they were only £1. A great place to get beauty products is Tk Maxx they have high end and low end products at a discounted price, meaning there is a budget for everyone.

Whilst having a browse on the Urban Outfitters website I noticed this beautiful rose gold candle that would be a perfect present for a mom. I don't know about you but everyone I talk to seems to love candles, so as a present you can't go wrong. There are many other places you can go like Tesco for a cheaper alternative or Jo Malone if you want to spend much more.

Another great present is a diffuser, I love a good diffuser in my room; It creates a lovely constant scent. Many places have them my favourite place to get them is The White Company, they last so long and the scent isn't too strong. A cheaper place would be Next, you can get a set of 3 for £10, which would be such a lovely present for a mom.

This section is for anyone who loves food or either enjoys being in the kitchen. Whilst roaming around Tk Maxx, I came upon this set of teas, its a box that has three different teas; Green tea jasmine, Green tea lemon and earl grey. They come packed in a lovely box, this just stud out for me as its such a different present but one I know most moms would love. Another great present is a cookbook, its a useful but interesting present. I got this Superfood breakfasts cookbook also from Tk Maxx and think its such a great little book. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but one that most people don't try new recipes with. This cookbook has great simple, but healthy recipes.

Simple Spring Make-Up Look

March 09, 2017

With Spring on the way; I wanted to create a simple but fresh make-up look. I have always loved Spring, the flowers start to bloom, the dark nights start to go - I just find it a beautiful season and I can't wait to show you some upcoming posts all about Spring. Anyway, for spring I tend to go for a more fresh, natural look. With not too much eyeshadow but of course I can't part with the cat flicks. I like a strong highlight and in Spring you can get away with that. I also love to use a lighter shade for my brows to give them more of a natural silhouette. For todays look I did it around the Carli Bybel Bh Cosmetics Palette; which is just the perfect palette for me! So, Let's get started with the look!

To start off this whole look, I primed my skin with The Ordinary Primer, which is beautiful! It feels silky soft on the skin and makes any product you pop on top, look airbrushed and perfected. For foundation I used my new favourite the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 52 Vanilla. This foundation makes you look so radiant and healthy, I can't get enough of using it. I then concealed my under-eyes, chin, forehead and the sides of my nose with the Mac Select Cover-up. Then set my face with the Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Face Powder. I bronzed my face up with the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, then set the cream bronzer with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer to create this lovely but natural bronzed look. The blush I used was Benefit's Rockateur blush which is a lovely peachy colour; perfect for Spring. For the highlight I used the Carli Bybel Palette and took the two lightest highlight shades. These highlighters are so pigmented and blend out like a dream.

For my eyebrows I went with my usual routine the Colourpop Brow pomade in Dope Taupe, which is the perfect slightly lighter product for my brows. I then set them with the Eyeko brow gel, which you all know I am in love with.

For my eyes, I wanted quite a sheer but noticeable eye look. From the Carli Bybel palette, I firstly took the third shade on the top row and put this within my crease. This is to act as my transition shade. I then took the fourth shade on the same row and began to deepen the eye look slightly. Lastly, for my crease I used the fifth shade to further deepen the look, also putting this on my bottom lash line. For my lid I used the first shade on the second row, putting this on the lid, tear duck and brow bone. For my cat-eye I used my trusty Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner. Then finished the eye-look with the Lancôme Hypnose and the Soap & Glory thick and fast mascara and gave my lashes a good couple of coats.

For my lip colour I used the Nyx Lingerie liquid lipstick in Lace Detail. Which is the prettiest light nude with a pinkish colour. I can't get enough of these liquid lipsticks, they last all day and aren't drying or uncomfortable at all.

My Updated Skin Routine

March 01, 2017

As you know I love changing my skincare routine; trying new products is what I love best, seeing what different products do to my face, if they improve any redness? Texture? Lately these are the products that I have been loving and found I have gravitated towards. I tend to stick to a handful of products, mainly because I do get lazy sometimes and too many steps just wouldn't happen. So lets talk about what most of you want to hear about; the products!

I usually just go straight into cleansing my skin, as I love the feeling and it's just an extra step gone on if I was to use a makeup wipe or micellar water before hand. I have been loving to use the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. This product is just beautiful, its so gentle on the skin but takes every inch of makeup off. I love the texture of this product, it's a gel form cleanser, which I prefer as it tends to lock more moisture into my skin and not dry it out. Once applied to the face, I like to rub it in circular motions with my hands, which easily removes every inch of makeup. I then wipe off with a muslin cloth. This product may be pricey but it lasts such a long time, as a little bit does go a long way. Also this scent is lovely, which is always a plus.

My next step is to simply tone my skin. I love the Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner, this product is just magic in a bottle. If I have any dry skin, blemishes or redness. This product will sort that out, this toner has fresh sea water in which we know is amazing for the skin and benefits both tired or dry skin. Which I get quite often. This products has completely changed my skins texture and is a complete staple in my routine.

Moisturiser is a product that I tend to change up a lot and is a product that I am very picky with. Lately I have been completely obsessed with the Soap and Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel. (Yes, a complete mouthful.) This moisturiser is extremely moisturising for a light-weight product, and has helped with my dry skin for the past few winter months. This product has also helped with tightening and brightening my skin, which I think is thanks to the water melon extracts that help with the main texture of your face. I am completely blown away with this product and want to try some more Soap and Glory products, have any of you tried some?   

So we have got my main products that I use everyday done with, but there is still a couple products I love but don't use every night. The first product is the Origins Super Spot Remover. I have spoken about this product before and I am still obsessed. It literally removes any blemishes on your face within a day (depending on how big the blemishes are) for me I use this straight after my skincare routine, pop this on and leave it until I wake up the next day. But do be careful with this product and only use it if you extremely need it, due to it being very drying on the face.
My other extra product is the another Origins product, its the Origins Out of Trouble Mask; this is my all time favourite mask. It does everything in one, helping blemishes, redness, dryness and any texture on my face. I pop this on for 10 - 20 minutes and let it work its wonders. If my skin needs it I will leave it for longer. I get a lot of people asking me what my favourite mask is and I always recommend this, I swear by this mask and a plus, it lasts so long.

What are your favourite skincare products?

My go to simple, but glam makeup

February 21, 2017

This is my go to look for if I don't want to look too done up but I still want a glam look. It is very simple to do and doesn't take me long to achieve. I love the bronzed skin with the reddish, brown eyes; it makes my blue eyes stand out. I do apologise for the state my eyebrows are in, I need then doing asap!! And a bonus this look will suit every skin tone and eye colour. I used the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette to create this simple eye look.

To start with I primed my face with the Nivea men post shave balm, I am still loving this product, I use it near enough every time I do my makeup. I then used the Nars sheer glow foundation in Gobi, then highlighting my under-eyes, chin and forehead with the Urban Decay Naked Concealer. I then set my face using the Rimmel match perfection face powder, which is good but not as good as my trusty Laura Mercier one.

To put some colour back into my face I used the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer then the Benefit rockateur blush, which is beautiful to add a hint of peach to your cheeks. I highlighted with the Colourpop highlighter in Wisp.

For my brows I have been loving to use the Colourpop Brow pomade in Dope Taupe. This product makes your eyebrows look so natural, which I love within a product. I then set then with the Eyeko brow gel, which is basically superglue for your brows, as this product will make sure your brows are not going anywhere. One of the only brow gels I find that actually works.

I went straight in with the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette; firstly grabbing shade substitute for love and popping this directly in the crease. Once I was happy with the pigmentation I then used Freshly toasted to start darkening the eye look, focusing this on the outer V. To add more depth I used Subtle blend, which tied all the shades in nicely. For my inner eye and brow bone I used a mix of Bitter Start and Sweeter end. I used the Kat Von D ink liner in trooper for my cat eye and the Nyx eyeliner in milk for my water line to open them up and make then appear more awake. For this look I didn't bother with lashes, I went straight in with the Lancôme Hypnose and the Soap & Glory thick and fast mascara and gave my lashes a good couple of coats.

To finish the look I used the Mac lipliner in Spice to slightly over draw my lips, then filling them in with my new obsession, the Nyx lingerie liquid lipstick in Corset

To finish the whole look I sprayed my face with the Urban Decay all nighter spray to set it all in place.

Life Update - Visiting Amsterdam, going university, growing my blog, new layout?

February 17, 2017

I wanted to do a different post for my blog and do a more personal, lifestyle post on my life update. The last few weeks have been a bit of interesting bunch. I recently got back from Amsterdam! Amsterdam! Oh, Amsterdam! I completely fell in love with the city whist I was here. I loved the streets, the buildings, the rush of the pedestrians. The vibe was just amazing here. I have been to plenty of other cities in my lifetime but I have never felt so comfortable as I did within Amsterdam. Would I recommend it? Yes to everyone. They have everything you could need scenes for younger and much older people. With the basic tours like the Van Gough house, the Canal Tour, Anne Frank house! Which are all great and are a must see when visiting the city. I especially enjoyed walking around the streets; seeing the world in a different eye.  

Before I went I applied to University, in which I got an unconditional doing Fashion business and promotion - I am very excited to be doing a course that I have such a strong love for. I was going to apply last year which was when I finished college. But a year off has done me the best with seeing what's best for me, trying new work experiences and basically just growing up really; I recommend to anyone for is not sure to go down the work or uni route - take a year off do new experiences then choose what's best for you. I 100% agree with my decision now. 
As you can see I have found my passion again for blogging and I have been loving trying flat lays and improving how I get them to look; which I have been proud of for. I have also got back into my routine for blogging! Which I have been loving. I go through phases where I feel my blog isn't doing anything but I just have a break and get back into the passion! But my plan this time is to not stop! Keep going and fighting through the brain freeze on what to blog about. I have also been looking about for a new blog layout! But I just don't have any inspiration at the moment and need to think through on new changes for my blog.
Is there anything new with any of you? 

January Faves

February 12, 2017

I know I am late to the January Favourites; but its better late than never. January is my least favourite month, as I just find it drags - pay day seems a long way, and most of all you just miss Christmas or is that just me? Anyway, last month was a good one for new favourite's; plus one product I've fell back in love with. So let's get started?

Primark P.S Pro Bushes 

I am so late to the Primark bandwagon; I used to despise the store, as I just hate mess but a new store opened close to me and I fell in love. Whilst having a browse around the beauty section, I noticed the “toothbrush” lookalike brushes and was shocked to see how much Primark has upped their game. I brought the large one and one slightly smaller and they are just wonderful. The bristles are soft, as well being dense meaning you can get full coverage with most foundations. I am so impressed with how these apply my foundation so effortlessly and airbrushed; these brushes don’t make you look cakey nor that you’ve got a full coverage foundation on. The smaller one is great for getting into the awkward spaces around your nose, also it makes your concealer look perfected.

Lush Breath of fresh air toner water and love and light hand cream

Lush is just one of them stores that get everything right for me. Every product always works for me and I just love how natural all their products are. Two new products that I have included into my daily routine; first being the Breath of fresh air toner. This product is amazing just after you have taken your makeup off. It’s refreshing, helps with reducing redness, and help with any breakouts. I have also been loving the Love and light hand cream, with the weather being cold my hands tend to go very dry and sore. This hand cream is so moisturising, it helps with my hands to stop being dry and it also helps to prevent them from getting so dry in the future.

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara

I love trying new mascaras, as I just adore how mascara can change a whole makeup look. For Christmas I was brought the big Soap and glory gift set, that we all love to receive every year. This year included was the Thick and fast mascara; which I have never tried and I absolutely love it. It is so lengthening, but it also makes my eyelashes look a lot fuller – as if I have false eyelashes on. I was so impressed with how similar it is to the Benefit they’re real mascara, which is one of my all-time favourite mascaras. This mascara also doesn’t create any fall out nor transferring, which I love! It’s also super easy to remove at the end of the day.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 22 Beige Rose   

 I used to be obsessed with this foundation when I was younger; it was the first high end foundation that I ever brought. And to this day I still love it. Whist having a sort through my makeup I noticed how I hadn’t used this foundation in a while, so I decided to try it again and I fell back in love! It is quite low coverage which I prefer on a day to day basis. But it does cover any imperfections I have. The colour match is perfect, but it also gives me a little summer glow. This foundation is very luminous and glowing, which is what I go for in a foundation. However, even though I don’t have serve oily skin – I do find I have to powder else I do look a bit of an oily mess as the end of the day.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I am such a fragrance hoarder, I have so many of all different scents. This fragrance is lovely (just like the name) it is sweet but not overpowering. It is great for a day to day scent, which is great for how cheap I got this perfume. I don’t feel bad when I spray loads, which I love. If you are looking for an easy daily scent then this is perfect for you.

Polaroid Camera

I have been wanted a Polaroid camera for a long time now; and last month I finally bit the bullet and brought one due to in February I am going to Amsterdam (which is where I’ll be when I post this) and wanted to document my pictures using a polaroid camera. As I think it just looks a lot more special and shows the memories you had more. I also wanted one in general because they are one of them items that you will always use and find use for.

My Top TV Programs To Binge Watch

February 05, 2017

I am a huge lover of TV programs. I 100% would rather watch a TV program over a movie, as I just love how involved you get with watching a program. Netflix is where I watch most of my programs, I just love snuggling down in bed and watching a good program. But nothing is worse when you finish a program - then spend the next few days wondering what to do with your time? No? Just me that does that?
In this post I'm going to tell you my favorite TV Programs to stick on and become instantly hooked, warning now a lot of these are thriller programs.

1) Pretty Little Liars - I think everyone and there nan watches this, I just love how involved you get with who is A. It's like a massive rollercoaster keeping up with what's happening, as something interesting happens every episode. If you love a good mystery program with an girly edge then this program is for you!
2) How To Get Away With Murder - I was so hooked watching this program; its about a group of law students that work with there law teacher. You get throw in with every students life and become part of there "mini" family. Only the first series is on Netflix but the others are online.
3) The Killing - This is such an interesting programme; its about two cops that are looking into a murder mystery. I find the emotions in this programme will get you having a lil laugh, to balling you eyes out! You will get hooked from just watching the first episode.
4) Orphan Black - This is an Netflix original; I first heard about this after my brother was raving about how good it was. So I gave it a go, and I instantly wanted to watch more after the first episode. It drew me in straight away - but this programme did take over my life and I may of spent a few days in my bed just constantly watching this.
5) 90210 - Where do I start? If you love a good teenage drama programme about rich kids, then you'll love this! It focuses on a group of friends and everything you can think of happens. From pregnancy to fall outs even to mental disorders. This programme is so good if you want something simple to watch and not feel like you have to concentrate on to hard.
6) Scream - If you have watched the movies then you'll know what scream is all about. This is a similar story to the movies except its more dark and less "jokey" which is what the film is often seen as. I love how its another Netflix original - Netflix are really picking there game up.
7) Ru Paul's Drag Race - Oh how I love this program. Its like Britain's next top model meets drag! Its a competition on where drag queens compete against each other to become the next drag superstar. The bitchyness and arguments really make you chuckle throughout. Also, I am super jealous at there makeup skills!
8) Gavin and Stacey - Who doesn't love a bit of Gavin and Stacey. I just watch this and it instantly picks me up. There's been many times I've watched this and chocked on my own breath as I was laughing that hard. If you love a good comedy, give this a whirl - promise you it won't disappoint.
9) Skins - Another programme that makes me feel sad to happy in literally a couple of minutes. Its a about another bunch of friends and again has many serious topics within. It makes you realise the danger that drugs and alcohol can do to you and on how you treat someone, you may be making there mental illness worse. If you want to give you emotions a journey this will do exactly that.
10) Friends - Who doesn't like friends? Its the most known TV programme that everyone watches or has seen. I can never get bored of watching this, I will literally watch it on repeat and not get tired of it. Who would love to just have a Phoebe in there life, she makes me laugh so much!
11) Bates Motel - Another programme that will have you on the edge of your chair. Its about a mother and her son and they own a hotel but the son has an issue on where he has black outs, but doesn't remember anything he does during them. I love how you feel involved with the story line and its gets you guessing.
12) Desperate Housewives - I don't know where to begin with my love for this show. It's about a neighbourhood where drama is known for. I love how chill this programme is; after a long day at work, I instantly pop this on and I'm relaxed.

What TV shows do you recommend? And have you watched any of these programmes I've mentioned?

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